Invest in Wiltshire


With a long history of technology and innovation, combined with a modern communications infrastructure, Wiltshire has become a top location choice for ICT companies.

Wiltshire’s ICT sector comprises a range of world class organisations.

Dolby Laboratories, for example, is an internationally recognized innovator in audio entertainment. The company has offices in Royal Wootton Basset and has received several awards such as the Academy Awards® and Emmy®.

Software designing is also well represented in Wiltshire. SciSys in Chippenham, for example, designs, builds and supports software systems for the environmental, space, media and broadcast, government and defence sectors.

Also based in Chippenham, IPWireless is a pioneering company in the development and design of 3G and 4G wireless broadband and broadcast solutions.

Wiltshire is also home to electronic manufactures, creating and producing a range of high quality technology solutions. Examples of leading organisations include ML Electronics, a company based in Salisbury that offers electronic, software and product design, embedded systems, prototypes, consultancy and testing.

Another example of IT consultancy in Wiltshire is Leading Resolutions. The international, independent IT consultancy is based in Malmesbury, with regional offices across the UK, and works with many of the world’s major businesses, including National Trust and Sony.

Plans to expand access to superfast broadband in Wiltshire are already underway with investment of around £20 million, improving even further the infrastructure for ICT in the county.