Fujitsu Acquires ACT to Strengthen Presence in Burgeoning Digital Ticketing Market

Thursday, 27th August 2015

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Multimillion pound acquisition will enable Fujitsu to provide intuitive, cloud-based ticketing systems for UK operators

Fujitsu today announced it has acquired ACT (Applied Card Technologies), the digital ticketing solutions provider. The multimillion pound acquisition will support Fujitsu as it further expands its presence in the transport sector. ACT’s technology will enable Fujitsu to provide cloud-based ticketing systems and solutions to transport operators, allowing them to offer passengers a fast, stress-free, convenient service. 
The deal follows Fujitsu’s recent announcement that it will work with transport company, Arriva, to install the UK rail industry’s first smartphone-based ticket issuing system. ACT’s technology will expand this side of Fujitsu’s business – offering solutions including citizen centric smart accounts, tourism city cards and loyalty reward programmes alongside commercial transport ticketing.
“We live in an increasingly digital-first world with consumers using everything from cloud to smartwatches, to go about their daily lives. Today, for the majority of us, travel is a necessity in day-to-day life. Yet in our Digital Inside Out study, only 39% of the public were satisfied with digital services the transport industry offers,” commented Regina Moran, CEO, Fujitsu UK & Ireland. “This needs to change. As a technology provider to transport operators, we see it as our responsibility to facilitate the sector’s move to digital. ACT is a proven expert in the digital ticketing space and will be a vitally important part of the Fujitsu business.”
In addition to digital ticketing capabilities, Fujitsu will now also be able to offer a range of products to enable transaction processing, CRM and data analytics. The combined power of digital technology and real-time analysis is integral to Fujitsu’s smart city transport programmes with the company believing transport is a key building block to a smart society. As such, residents should be able to use any payment method and data used to inform them and operators in real-time. The acquisition of ACT will allow Fujitsu to offer the UK transport sector the tools to enable this.
“ACT has an excellent track record of delivering innovative ticketing systems and services that are valued by our diverse range of customers,” commented Gary Watts, Chief Executive, ACT. “In recent years, we have developed a range of new services and seen a series of new contract wins. Fujitsu’s investment in ACT provides the foundations for further expansion and we look forward to continuing to service our customers as part of Fujitsu, a company which shares our customer-centric ethos and vision for a connected society. We are excited to be able to combine our next generation ticketing and payments platform with Fujitsu’s global innovation portfolio and look forward to taking the business smoothly to the next level of scale.“
With the extra resources Fujitsu will bring, ACT employees across its business locations will be able to focus on maintaining outstanding service to all customers, while also accelerating its next generation product development – all of which benefit its growing customer portfolio. Further integration with Fujitsu systems will take place in the longer term, led by both organisations’ customer needs and strategic priorities.
“Digital ticketing is key to the future of travel,” added Nigel Shaw, Executive Director, Business and Application Services, Fujitsu UK & Ireland. “Passengers will no longer put up with cumbersome ticket machines, long queues and printed tickets that are easily lost with no digital record readily available to prove they were purchased. This is an alien process to a society which accesses everything from banking to health services with a swipe of a smartphone. The travel sector must digitise and we’re pleased to be announcing the acquisition that will put us at the forefront of this revolution.”

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