£250,000 creative fund launches

Monday, 29th September 2014

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A total of £250,000 of funding is being made available to ten indie game studios across England following the launch of the second round of Creative England and Microsoft’s Greenshoots programme.

The programme provides up to £25,000 per project with investors and publishers now being involved from day one, which means the studios could potentially receive additional funding once the project has started.

A range of games were developed during the first round of Greenshoots, with nine studios releasing titles which were showcased to a crowd of industry experts in July.

Jaspal Sohal, head of games and digital at Creative England, said: “This year the programme is an even better opportunity for burgeoning games studios; we have potential investors involved from the very start and Microsoft have extended the programme to include PC and Xbox One titles.”

Paul Norris, of Greenshoots round one support studio Mad Fellows, said: “Applying to Greenshoots has been the single most important and productive decision we’ve made since founding Mad Fellows.

“Creative England and Microsoft have raised our profile as developers, given us access to funding and follow-on funding, introduced us to invaluable contacts, provided master classes and offered numerous opportunities to speak and present our game at high profile events.

“The Greenshoots programme has been pivotal in ensuring we made it through our first year as a company and has set us on a path for continued success in the future.”

Participants in the programme will receive support, mentorship and expertise from Microsoft and industry partners.

Applications for funding close at 9am on 20 October 2014.

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