Mole Country Stores invests in Salisbury

Friday, 12th September 2014

Sourced from Salisbury Journal - follow link to original article

MOLE Country Stores have launched a new-look shop at an official ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by the High Sheriff of Wiltshire, Peter Addington.

The store, on Churchfields Road, Salisbury, now offers a regional food and drink area along with improved free car parking.

Mr Addington said: “We are very pleased to see such investment in our local area and welcome this development from Mole Country Stores as a vote of confidence in the future of commerce for this area.

“With such a vast product range available, this store is not only valuable for those on its doorstep but also for the wider farming community. I would also like to thank Mole Country Stores for its kind donation to The High Sheriff Fund that helps assists small voluntary bodies that work in the county.”

The improved store has a new merchandising approach that has enabled the rural retailer to showcase more product ranges.

Store manager Ian Nisbeck said: “This is a very exciting development for us as we launch an enhanced store alongside our new brand identity.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming customers and are sure that our new animal health counter, improved drive-through timber yard, feed store and regional food and drink range will all add to the experience that our staff has worked so hard to deliver.”

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