Humidifier from Dyson

Tuesday, 21st October 2014

Sourced from The Wiltshire Times - follow link to original article

Dyson has diversified from its well-known vacuum cleaners and fans with the launch of its first humidifier.

The gadget, which cost the company more than £37.5 million to develop, uses Dyson’s patented Ultraviolet Cleanse technology to kill practically all bacteria in the water before it enters the air with a double dose of ultraviolet light.

The particles of water are drawn up through the machine’s loop amplifier and projected through the air, with a form of the technology already used in Dyson’s bladeless fans.

The company said 643 prototypes were developed during the humidifier’s production, as well as more than 32 new test methods.

There are more than 275 patents and 130 patents pending on the Dyson humidifier.

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