More jobs at McDonald's in Chippenham as drive through expands

Wednesday, 15th October 2014

Sourced from The Wiltshire Times - follow link to original article

THE McDonald’s drive through in Chippenham is set to reopen next Friday after three weeks of work to construct a new side by side system.

The reconfiguration at the Bath Road restaurant is designed to provide a faster, more efficient system and prevent the queue from stretching all the way onto the approach road to Sainsbury’s.

As well as a side-by-side order point the new design will include an island for signage and the installation of a goalpost height restrictor.

Franchisee Mike Guerin said: “It is all about convenience and this will give customers that. Customers will notice the increased speed in service and efficiency.

“We were delighted when we received planning permission, it’s a store I am pleased with and happy to invest money into, it grows the business and provides employment opportunities.”

Mr Guerin said the store will be looking to hire new staff to meet the demand created by the new drive through, which is costing around £200,000.

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