NanoSight acquired in £15m deal

Wednesday, 2nd October 2013

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Amesbury-based technology company NanoSight has been acquired by listed outfit Spectris in a £15m deal.

NanoSight designs and develops particle-size measurement instrumentation while Surrey-based Spectris develops and markets productivity-enhancing instrumentation and controls.

Spectris said the acquisition of NanoSight was in line with its established strategy of growing and strengthening its businesses via acquisition of complementary businesses.

NanoSight will become part of the ‘materials analysis’ segment and will be integrated into its Worcestershire-based Malvern Instruments division.

John Knowles, chairman and co-founder of NanoSight, said: “We have long admired both Spectris and Malvern Instruments and we are very pleased that NanoSight has found such a suitable home.

“The team looks forward to being part of Malvern and to bringing our technology to the wider customer base that working with Malvern will provide.”

Spectris’ business group director Jim Webster added: “NanoSight’s novel nanoparticle tracking analysis technology provides high resolution quantitative analysis of nano-particulate materials which is highly complementary to Malvern’s existing measurement capabilities.

“We believe that our life science and industrial customers will benefit greatly from the availability of this additional product range from Malvern.

“Furthermore, the acquisition of NanoSight will provide new opportunities through the combination of both companies’ technologies, customer support capabilities and distribution channels.”


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