Teen web tycoons hoping to expand business beyond Melksham

Friday, 3rd May 2013

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Wiltshire College students Adam Gentle, 17, and Nathan Singer, 16, set up the Melksham Fuel site in their spare time, but are already planning to move into neighbouring towns.

The site compares the cost of diesel and unleaded fuel in six filling stations in Melksham, to tell drivers of the cheapest deals.

The pair, both studying for a Level 3 BTEC in IT, update their website daily, checking the latest prices each morning, as they ride past on the bus. The public can also submit prices.

Adam said: “Neither of us drive, but a friend gave us the idea to create the site and now it’s been all set up it pretty much runs itself. We just check the prices ourselves, to make sure they are correct.

“It’s already gone really well. Since launch, we have had about 1,300 visitors.

Now we’re hoping to take Melksham Fuel a bit further into other towns. We just need the community behind us, to find the prices, and we’re trying to get advertising sorted.”

He added: “We’ve both built websites before and there’s nothing too complicated in there. We both want to work in IT when we finish at college and we’ve got other projects we’re working on.”


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