Wiltshire inventions firm Dyson create their smallest Dyson vacuum cleaner ever

Wednesday, 31st July 2013

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So the boffins at Wiltshire inventions firm Dyson have gone back to the drawing board and returned with their smallest Dyson vacuum cleaner ever, a week before the Government ends its controversial consultation into housing standards.

Earlier this year, Somerset homes guru Kevin McCloud spent a day on a tube train in London to highlight the fact that the average new starter home in Britain contains literally the same space as a London Underground train carriage.

He was calling for minimum size standards to be raised when ministers look at whether they should be reviewed as a massive house-building programme begins to get going on green-field sites around the country.

Engineers at Dyson’s Malmesbury research centre saw this, and found a way of scaling down their Dyson machines, and also making them quieter, to fit into the tiny homes of the 21st century.

“We have the smallest homes in Western Europe,” said a Dyson spokesman. “The lack of space is the main reason why people living in homes built less than ten years ago want to make changes or are considering moving home.”

Recent research showed that 69 per cent of people moving into a newly-built home found that there was not enough room to store their possessions.

The new Dyson DC49 is almost a quarter of the size of the first ‘pull-along’ Dyson, and is designed to fit comfortably into our newly built tiny homes.

“It weighs just 2.7kg, and is 30 per cent smaller than the last model, the DC47 ball vacuum cleaner.

“It even weighs a kilo less than our weeny City model. It’s small enough to sit on an A4 piece of paper and its power is made possible by the fact that it uses the same motor as the Airblade Tap,” added the Dyson spokesman.

“A lack of storage space shouldn’t mean people have to compromise on the technology they buy – engineers should respond by developing smaller, more efficient technology. We even send our engineers to Japan, the home of small consumer tech, to do research into smaller homes,” he added.

Sir James Dyson will officially launch the product in London later today. He said the invention of the tiny motor for the last major product launch at Dyson – the tap that dries hands too – made the tiny vacuum cleaner possible.

“Investing in our core technologies means we can develop leaner, more efficient machines,” said Sir James.

“Using the new high-speed Dyson digital motor, we have developed a machine that is smaller and quieter, yet even more powerful,” he added.

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