CAT pounces on Pewsey site

Friday, 11th January 2013

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The Marlborough-based business has bought a unit in Pewsey which it plans to convert into bespoke office and work labs.

The company secured a commercial mortgage from Santander Corporate & Commercial Banking to purchase the site, which it said will help facilitate growth in sales and headcount.

Craig Lang, director for CAT Communications, said: “We are delighted to have purchased a commercial property from which we will be able to run our business.

“Since starting the company in 2004 we have watched it grow and grow, and we are now at the size where it feels right to establish ourselves in company-owned, permanent premises. The savings we realise will help us to grow our business to its next level.”

Richard Sollis, relationship director for Santander Corporate Banking, added: “We are delighted to have been able to help Craig with this purchase. At Santander we are committed to supporting innovative, growing businesses like this to succeed and flourish.

“I have no doubt that with CAT’s business ethic and strong service initiative every opportunity for success will be taken in this next stage of CAT’s journey.”

CAT was established in 2004 and has a turnover of more than £900,000.


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