Virtua UK gets bigger and better

Wednesday, 9th January 2013

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Virtua UK Ltd, a leading Wiltshire based supplier of expertise to the telecoms industry, has spent a quarter of a million pounds to expand, update and improve its equipment this year – including significant upgrades to its drive testing and 4G LTE equipment.

Virtua has grown substantially in the past year due to the ongoing success of its drive testing service, which made up 22% of the organisation’s business in the last twelve months. 

This increase in business has allowed continual investment in equipment, including the addition of several new drive testing vehicles. 

The vehicles (a fleet of silver Ford Focus) are handled by some of the most experienced test engineers in the industry, who work with the leading UK network operators.


The ongoing investment into the equipment has created new business whilst ensuring Virtua deliver ongoing contracts to the highest possible standards.

Virtua has also continued to invest a in its network testing equipment – provided by Anite.  Upgrades to both the software and hardware have ensured Virtua continue to use the best quality and most accurate tools on the market.

Due to the new network services and 4G capabilities rolling out across the UK at the moment, Virtua has also made significant investments in appropriate technology, allowing them to perform site tests and respond to the growing needs of their clients.

Virtua, chief executive, Andy Watts:  “Virtua is rapidly growing and this investment into the future of the business is improving and developing services that are vital to our clients.


“The upgrades and improvements to our drive and walk testing services, 4G equipment, software and vehicles have directly impacted on the company’s growth and therefore the success of our clients.”


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