New machine is packing a punch

Friday, 14th September 2012

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The Loadpoint Diecutter machine is fully automatic and designed specifically for ease of use and speed of setting, which will enable GWP to produce a higher volume of product in a shorter amount of time and enable a faster response to urgent jobs.

The Diecutter machine is also environmentally friendly as it uses the latest engineering technology, which results in a dramatic reduction in electricity use and heat generation.

It will also be of great benefit to GWP’s food and beverage industry customers as the machinery eliminates the issue of ‘Angel Hair’ contamination – where small cut slithers of the packaging material remain on the final product.

Ruth Cook, director of the GWP Group said: “The Loadpoint Diecutter is an ideal investment for us and will bring a wealth of benefits to our customers. It will enable us to reduce our running costs and increase our productivity significantly, so we know we’ll soon see a return.

“Additionally, buying the Loadpoint machine helps us to support our fellow local manufacturers, which is a key issue for us, and so we were keen to be the very first to own this machinery.”

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