Arla expands production at Westbury

Monday, 3rd September 2012

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Arla has been producing block butter at its Westbury site since August 2011 and said the Anchor butter production will allow it to extent its UK manufactured butter offering while reducing its carbon footprint.

Arla entered into a joint venture with Milk Link and First Milk in September 2010 and took responsibility for the butter operation at Westbury.

It said its investment in the Westbury site makes it the most modern and technologically advanced butter production facility in the UK.

Lars Dalsgaard, Arla’s supply chain director, said: “Bringing production of Anchor to the UK is part of our long-term growth strategy and the investment at Westbury has facilitated this. As well as being directly in line with our Closer to Nature ambition, it is a further example of Arla’s commitment to the UK as we have created a home for more British cream and are adding value to it.”

The first UK produced Anchor butter is set to be available this month.

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