Interactive online mapping should help cut congestion and HGV greenhouse gas emissions

Wednesday, 17th October 2012

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A new free web-based application for commercial vehicles is now available to help boost business while lowering the impact of HGVs on local roads.

The Wiltshire Freight Gateway is an interactive online mapping system being provided by Wiltshire Council to help drivers, hauliers and other delivery companies plan their routes when travelling through the county.

It provides road routing and local stopping and parking information to the commercial vehicle industry, local businesses and the public.

To use it, drivers just have to input their start point and destination into the free web application.

Wiltshire Freight Gateway will then route their journey using the most appropriate routes, avoiding vehicle weight and height restrictions.

Providing the best up to date local information is intended to speed up journey times, which in turn will help boost the economy.

The mapping system will also ensure HGV drivers do not take routes where there are restrictions and not suitable for larger vehicles.

Cabinet member for highways, Dick Tonge, said: “This is a very simple but effective application that will help commercial drivers get to their destinations in Wiltshire with the least hassle as possible.

“If they use the Freight Gateway prior to their journey, they will not get taken down roads with weight and height restrictions which are unsuitable for lorries.

“The Wiltshire Freight Gateway is a great tool for helping speed up commercial deliveries and easing local roads from congestion.”

The application provides maps designed and customised for commercial vehicles.

It creates the best route for the size and weight of vehicle, enables multi-drop route planning and can zoom in from UK wide to detailed Wiltshire street level.

It will also give drivers detailed local information such as lay-bys, parking restrictions and loading bays.

Drivers can sample this new application by going to

Wiltshire Freight Gateway has been developed in association with PIE mapping to help reduce the problem of freight vehicles using inappropriate routes in the county.

The service is aimed at improving efficiency of distribution and freight delivery times, making better use of the existing transport infrastructure, easing traffic congestion and delays, minimising pollution and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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