Company unveils technology-friendly fashion accessories

Wednesday, 17th October 2012

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A Warminster company has unveiled the latest in fashion technology with a range of gloves which can be used with touchscreen devices, keeping hands warm through the winter.

The gloves, produced by Dents in their Furnax Lane factory and priced from £32, incorporate conductive parts in the material to allow greater precision when operating touchscreen phones and tablet computers. Touchscreen devices work through changes in the screen’s electromagnetic field brought about by contact with skin, which conducts electricity.

Normal gloves act as insulators making it difficult for devices to detect finger movements, but the leather in Dents’ new gloves allows electrical impulses to pass between finger and screen.

“We are delighted to be at the forefront of this development,” said chief executive Deborah Moore.

“The leather has been specially treated to allow the required level of conductivity, yet looking at it you really wouldn’t know the difference. Today, more and more people are using touchscreen technology and no one wants to stop and have to remove their gloves before using a mobile or tablet.

“Our ‘touchscreen’ gloves are already selling very well, they make a perfect present, and soon they will become an essential accessory in a modern wardrobe.”

They include a classical glove with four covered buttons and a silk lining, one with a rabbit fur cuff and a driving glove with keyhole back and punched fingers.

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