Mark Todd moves into horse feed business

Monday, 19th November 2012

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Todd, who won team bronze for New Zealand in his seventh Olympic games earlier this year in London, is also a shareholder in the company, which is based in Marlborough, Wiltshire.

Keyflow’s range has been scientifically formulated in a unique collaboration between leading equine nutritionists, Dr Ray Biffin from Australia, and Dr Catherine Dunnet from the UK. The mixes contain beetroot, stabilized rice bran and cold-pressed canola oil. The use of beetroot is pioneering with recent research in humans suggesting that it may be responsible for an increase in performance through reducing the energetic cost of muscle contraction. Cold pressed canola is a superior source of omega 3 compared to commonly used soya oil and stabilized rice bran delivers slow release energy.

Todd has played a hands-on role working with Keyflow’s team of consultant nutritionists in developing the range of horse feeds. There are three feeds in the Mark Todd range; Stay Cool, Maestro and Perfect Balance.

As well being a “Key Rider” alongside showjumpers Michael Whitaker and John Whitaker MBE, and fellow eventers Jonelle Richards and Tim Price, in his role as director, Todd is involved with the strategic business planning and development of Keyflow as a company. He is joined on the executive board by Managing Director Cam W Price, a senior equine feed and nutrition professional, and Vicki Glynn, a former global executive from the pharmaceuticals industry as Executive Director.

“All my horses are fed on Keyflow, they’re eating it really well and look and feel great,” Todd said. “Maestro certainly has put a spring in the step of Regent Lad who sometimes can be a bit laid back and Major Milestone, who is on Stay Cool, now appears to be more relaxed in the dressage.

“At Keyflow we work with world renowned equine nutritionists and our Key Riders to research and develop our feeds, therefore they are both scientifically advanced, compounded with practical rider input and knowledge. I not only love seeing my horses thrive and perform on Keyflow but I’m also looking forward to expanding the brand into the sport horse and pony feed market”.

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