Quicker broadband will make us all faster, happier and more productive

Monday, 30th July 2012

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High-speed fibre broadband is here in Wiltshire and helping to drive economic recovery by opening up global markets, providing new job opportunities, boosting productivity and enabling local businesses to prosper.

More than 100,000 homes and businesses in the county now have access to fibre broadband and by spring next year, it will be available to a further 27,000 Wiltshire premises.

With the ever increasing availability of fibre broadband, the size and location of a business is becoming less important.

The availability of the high-speed technology in the Wiltshire area will help create economic growth, attract small businesses and give everyone a level playing field and much more opportunity to compete in the global marketplace.

The new fibre network being laid by BT’s local network business, Openreach, will provide download speeds of up to 80Mbps and up to 20Mbps* upload.

These are many times faster than those currently available for most homes and businesses.

By spring 2013 Openreach aims to make speeds of 330Mbps commercially available in any area where fibre broadband has been deployed, meaning business can be done faster than ever.

The new network is available on an equal basis to communications providers in the UK and currently more than 60 such companies are trialing or delivering fibre services to their customers over our network bringing choice and competition, which helps keep prices low.

The Wiltshire economy is built around ambitious small businesses, including homeworkers.

A recent BT-sponsored report (available at btsocialstudy.co.uk) shows that fibre broadband will help improve the performance of existing firms just like these in Wiltshire.

It will enable new businesses to emerge, encourage flexible working, boost sales and provide better communications with your customers – all benefits which must be on the top of every company’s agenda.

Whether businesses are home based full-time, part-time or just now and again, the ability to do everything as if office-based should be seamless.

And with fibre it can be. It gives:

  • instant access to shared documents stored centrally
  • improved business performance & business creation as a result of cloud computing
  • faster sending and receiving of media – heavy files
  • ability to host lots of people – colleagues, clients or partners – on real-time video calls
  • the capability to be able to thrash out solutions much more quickly and build better relationships with everyone
  • access to a global market place
  • a reduction in time spent on travelling and the associated costs
  • a better work-life balance.

* These are the top speeds available from Openreach; speeds offered by service providers may vary.

What else is available?

BT is investing in its copper network too. Its next generation broadband service delivered over copper lines is already available to more than 200,000 homes and premises in Wiltshire and thousands more homes and businesses in the county are due to be upgraded by the spring of next year.

Its investment is making available download speeds of up to 20Mbps – more than double the speed previously available from BT.

The faster broadband is already available in more than 200 South West communities and available to more than 1.5m premises. Among the latest Wiltshire locations to go live with the new technology are Box, Lavington, Limpley Stoke, Purton, Alderbury, Idmiston and Tidbury.

By next spring, 77 per cent of homes and businesses in the South West will be served by an exchange which has been upgraded to deliver these higher speeds. And once again this network is available on an open, wholesale basis to all companies providing broadband.

BT is also expanding its Ethernet services which enable medium-sized businesses and other organisations to opt for a guaranteed broadband speed over a dedicated line with speeds up to 10Gbps. Wiltshire is well served with Ethernet with nine live nodes already giving good coverage across the county.

Any communications provider can offer service over BT’s network which leads to affordability, accessibility, choice and growth.

And wi-fi users in the South West can now take advantage of nearly 420,000 wi-fi hotspots – with more than 40,000 hotspots in Wiltshire and around 10,000 in Swindon alone.

The rapidly expanding BT network, the largest in the UK, now has more than four million UK hotspots in homes, independent businesses and city centres.

Access is free to BT Broadband customers, plus users of iPads, iPhones, iTouch, Android, Samsung and Blackberry devices and smartphones through other BT partnership agreements.

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