GWP in new deal with Abel and Cole

Thursday, 12th July 2012

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The three year contract will see GWP produce branded cardboard packaging, including beer packs, wine boxes, chill boxes, dividers, cartons and pallet board, for Abel and Cole to ensure that their products arrive to their customers fresh and in best condition.

GWP has worked with Abel and Cole since 2006. The company provides Abel and Cole with a specialist Just In Time delivery system to enable Abel and Cole to hold zero stock of packaging and to deliver it to them precisely when they need it. GWP can accurately predict their packaging needs up to four weeks in advance and ensure that it is in the right place at the right time for customers.

Rob Grimmer, Head of Production at Abel and Cole, said: “Abel and Cole have worked in partnership with GWP for over five years in ensuring the supply of cardboard boxes and other packaging materials that we use to transport fresh organic fruit and vegetables, plus meat, fish dairy and more to our customers. “We collect and recycle packaging materials from our customers and it’s not unusual for one of the boxes that GWP supplies to be used over six times. This makes it very challenging both to get a box that is strong enough to last that many journeys, survive being filled with raw produce and being rained on, but also simply predicting what our usage of new boxes and therefore requirement will be.

“GWP provides us with a totally reliable service by making and holding a buffer stock and also by probably knowing more about our usage patterns than we do. We’ve recently completed a small redesign and full tender process and are delighted to be continuing with our well proven relationship with GWP.”

Ruth Cook, managing director of GWP Packaging, said: “We’re very pleased to continue our relationship Abel and Cole. Due to the nature of their business, there are many demands placed on the packaging – it needs to be sturdy, able to cope in all weathers and reusable, and we are uniquely placed to offer this quality product - as well as allowing them to take advantage of our Just in Time delivery system and reduce packaging storage costs.”

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